ESD Coupon Clipper

This website helps you redeem your coupons. It works by allowing bots to redeem your coupons in exchange for a small percentage of the amount redeemed. To learn more about the smart contract that makes this possible please click here.

WARNING: This contract is unaudited, so use at your own risk. Also DO NOT send tokens to this contract.

Set up the Clipper Contract:

1. Connect Wallet

Connect the wallet that contains coupons to be redeemed.


2. Set tip amount:

Percent of the redeemed ESD that goes to the developer who successfully redeems your tokens and a the clipper developer.

Note: the minimum tip is 2%

3. Approve v2 Contract:

Allow the Coupon Clipper contract to execute transactions related to coupons on your behalf.

Clipper Contract: 0xb4027EEEa4b2D91616c63Dc3E37075E69f36b457
DAO Contract: 0x443d2f2755db5942601fa062cc248aaa153313d3
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